Miguel Leon

Acerca del candidato

* Continuing the outbound sales process by conducting market research, lead generation, identifying target personas, reaching out to them via email/phone calls and LinkedIn touchpoints, scheduling meetings, and following up on deals, while ensuring all data in the CRM is kept up to date.

* Facilitate the seamless integration of new and existing Business Development Representatives (BDRs) through comprehensive onboarding and on-the-job coaching.

* Craft and meticulously maintain a dynamic sales development playbook, incorporating refined processes and industry best practices. This playbook serves as a compass, ensuring the BDR team operates with optimal efficiency.

* Implement robust KPI metrics to systematically evaluate the efficacy of BDRs’ lead generation and qualification endeavors. Foster continuous improvement by providing regular performance feedback, thereby enabling the team to refine their strategies and enhance overall effectiveness.

* Inspire and guide the BDR team towards the attainment of collective and individual goals. Cultivate a motivational environment that encourages each team member to realize their full potential.

* Collaborate closely with Sales and Marketing management to conduct ongoing experiments and optimizations. Leverage insights gleaned from lead generation efforts to refine marketing segments and prospect lists, ensuring a strategic and data-driven approach.

* Play a pivotal role in BDR recruitment activities by collaborating with Sales, Marketing, and HR management. Contribute to the formation of a high-performing team through strategic hiring practices and talent acquisition initiatives.

* Experience using sales tools like Salesforce, Salesloft, Linkedin Sales Navigator, Rigthbound, Zoominfo, Cognism, and Outreach.